'Thieving of Well' EP


Our new EP will be released via Boysnoize Records on May 12th. Stream our single ‘Redline’!

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Wednesday Apr 23
140 plays


Annie & Jason sing the Kinks.

(give it a few seconds for the music to start)

One of my best friends singing with some dude.

Wednesday Apr 23
when I finish a draft of a movie I am writing I feel like the coolest fucker on the planet. why? because I fucking finished it. Tuesday Apr 22
Solomon Grundy

it took me four years to make this movie and it now costs $2.99 which means that each day accumulated to .0013698630137 cents.  How’s that for a good deal?

Tuesday Apr 22

the ads for Game of Thrones saying “hurry, before the internet spoils it” simply pours salt into my already opened wounds. 

Friday Apr 18

Game of Thrones marathon so I don’t have to hate you all.

Tuesday Apr 15
Tuesday Apr 15

ThickJune 2010
media: acrylic on black Fabiano papersize: 14” in. x 17” in.

This lives in my house


June 2010

media: acrylic on black Fabiano paper
size: 14” in. x 17” in.

This lives in my house

Saturday Apr 12

nailed another draft today.  writing is easy if you just admit that it’s hard.

Wednesday Apr 2

"This is my Favorite Place"

Thursday Mar 27
Left Hand

Left Hand

Tuesday Mar 25
feed your inner rage ball. Tuesday Mar 25